Build cloud accounting teams without huge headhunting fees.

Accountingfly can help you build your cloud accounting team by offering access to top-tier accounting talent for remote, per-diem, and in-house CPAs, bookkeepers and tax preparers. Our process has proved successful, and our monthly billing cycles align with your business’s cash flow so you can avoid huge headhunting fees.

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Accountingfly's growing network of accountants will allow you to build your cloud accounting team at your own speed.

Going Concern and Accountingfly were built to create and serve a community of accountants through valuable and thoughtful content. Across our brands we serve thousands of accountants a month.

While other job boards struggle, our brands thrive because of the communities and trust we have fostered. The content we deliver to our communities attracts high-quality candidates who are not found on other job boards.


Accountants reached every month


Are CPAs


Have Big4 Experience


Candidate Mailing List


Reduced time-to-hire

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to recruit.

Do you hate an inbox full of applications? Scheduling interviews? If you lack a proven sourcing and hiring process, it will take at least seven weeks to fill an open position, and along the way you’ll spend hours in the weeds that you could be spending on other critical tasks. We have perfected a process over six years that can reduce your time to fill by 40%.

Your Accountingfly support team includes a project manager, a candidate screener and a marketing team that will brand your company, attract candidates, narrow your leads to the best matches, and support you along the entire hiring journey.

Avoid outrageous headhunting fees with our unique monthly payment model.

We understand the pain and effect that huge headhunting fees can have on a company of any size.  Our unique business model aligns with your business’s cash flow by allowing you to pay just $500/mo, per hire on a 12-month contract.

If cash flow isn’t an issue, you can pay up front and save $1,000.


the price of regular headhunting services


Valid for Remote or In-Office Hires


per open position on a 12-month contract.


  • Job Posting(s)
  • Job posting distribution
  • Passive candidate outreach
  • Recruitment marketing strategy
  • Candidate Management
  • Dedicated Recruitment Team

“HPC asked Accountingfly to build us a talent pipeline. And they deliver over and over again.”

Bruce Phillips, CPA


Job Posting(s)
Over the years we’ve perfected the accounting job posting. We will either edit your existing posting or create one from scratch that will take advantage of the power of SEO and user behavior.

Job Distribution
We handle the task of distributing your job to 95% of active job seekers for ultimate exposure of your opportunity.

Passive Candidate Outreach and Recruitment Marketing Strategy
We handle the task of reaching out to the active and passive candidate through custom marketing strategy based on your company and recruitment needs.

Candidate Management
Accountingfly handles all of your candidate management. We will source, screen, vet your applicants and only deliver the best candidates to you for final interviews.

Dedicated Recruitment Team
An Accountingfly recruiter will become a part of your growth team. We aren’t in the business of transactions; we are here to build relationships with our customers.

Let us help you build your cloud accounting team!

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Also available...

Job Postings

Have your own recruiting team and process? We offer self-service job postings that allow you to advertise your opportunities to our growing network.

Freelance CPAs

Need some temporary relief? We can staff temporary, on-demand CPAs, allowing you to fulfill staffing needs with unanticipated spikes in demand or shortages of resources.