Permanent & Project Staffing for Any Sized Organization

Whether you’re an organization with limited resources, you're having a hard time filling a position, or you simply need a little extra help, Accountingfly will deliver the right candidate to your organization.

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Permanent Staffing

We will permanently place any accounting or finance position from remote bookkeeper to in-house CPA.


Of The Annual Salary
Accountingfly compared to traditional headhunters
Accountingfly's goal is to be an extension of your team. We want to renew clients, not just make the hire and walk away. Our methods are less intrusive because we've built brands that our audience trusts to deliver relevant opportunities.
Senior Accountant - $80,000/yr



3-4 Years Public Experience

Branded Content Placement Cost Total
Traditional Headhunters 25% $20,000
Accountingfly 20%* $16,000
Total Savings - $4,000

*A portion of 20% total fee is paid upfront to create several pieces of branded content that is a part of a larger inbound recruiting strategy that builds awareness of your organization and drives high quality candidates to your opportunities. Learn More About Branded Content

Remote Staff - $50,000/yr



Advertising Fee Placement Fee Total
Traditional Headhunters $0 25% $20,000
Accountingfly $595* 10% $8,595
Total Savings - $11,405

Placements for non-CPA talent like Bookkeepers do not require any additional branded content. They also have a lower overall placement fee.

*Advertising fee is paid upfront.

Project Staffing

We match your project needs with top tier, former Big 4 CPAs, allowing you to fulfill staffing needs with unanticipated spikes in demand or shortages of resources.


Billed Hourly
Why Project-Based Staffing?
We provide high-quality personnel with the necessary and relevant experience your specific project requires, while eliminating the burden associated with full-time hiring, such as recruiting, on-boarding, and benefits administration.

Top 250 CPA Firms

Project based staffing allows CPA firms to adequately respond to the seasonal demands of assurance and tax, specifically allowing firms to:

  • Avoid the overhead of hiring and retaining additional full-time staff, most likely under-utilized outside of busy season.
  • Prevent over-extending current full-time employees, allowing greater retention and a happier workforce.

Accounting Advisory Firms

Project based staffing allows accounting consulting firms to adequately respond to the unpredictability of advisory work, specifically allowing firms to:

  • Aggressively develop business, knowing they can rely on top-quality CPAs on-demand to:
  • Expand into new markets by leveraging our nationwide pool of top-tier CPAs.
  • Decrease overhead and increase utilization of current full-time employees.

Private and Public Companies

Project based staffing allows private and public companies to perform the following, without the overhead of hiring and retaining a full-time staff:

  • Respond to complex technical accounting issues, such as the new revenue standard and purchase accounting.
  • Streamline key operational accounting functions, i.e. monthly close and balance sheet reconciliations.
  • Create models and forecasts for financial planning and analysis.
  • Support accounting system implementations due to high growth or acquisition.

Permanent + Project

We can help your organization staff up your permanent hires as well as supplement your busy season or spikes in demand. Let us help you do both, at once.
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Our Process
Our process has provided top candidates quickly; our average time to fill hires is 4 weeks but we have delivered hires in as little as 2 days. We offer our services at a reasonable cost to all types of clients with needs ranging from an entire remote staff to full time team members. We're so confident in our process, if your placement doesn't work out in the first 90 days we'll replace them at no cost to you.


Our Talent Advocates work with you to evaluate your position and organization to identify the technical needs required in the accounting and finance industry as well as the core cultural needs required to make a long term and happy hire.


Sourcing & Screening

Our built-in audience of active and passive job seekers allows our Talent Advocates to quickly identify and source talent. We rigorously screen each candidate based on the goals and needs addressed during your assessment.


Interviews & Selection

For Placements, we present the top three candidates for your review and final interview. For Projects, your team can review resumes and interview your matches, or rely on us to select the perfect candidate.



For Placements, once interviews are complete and candidates have been selected, permanent hires can be onboarded for the agreed upon placement fee. For Projects, staff are immediately added to your team on a hourly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about our Placements service
Q. Why is the placement fee 10% for some jobs and 20% for other jobs?

A. Some jobs simply require more in-depth analysis of candidates for the experience level needed. For example, placing remote or cloud accountants is much easier than placing an in-house CPA at a traditional accounting firm.

Q. What is the Advertising Fee?

A. The Advertising Fee is used to pay for the initial cost of advertising your position on Accountingfly, Going Concern, Indeed and more. This is a one-time fee payable at contract signing.

Q. When is the Placement Fee due?

A. The Placement Fee is due upon hiring of the candidate. If the candidate doesn't work out during the first 90 days we will replace the hire at no cost to you.

Q. What exactly is Branding and why do I need it?

A. We've found that placing experienced CPAs in almost any type of organization requires a marketing campaign that builds awareness of the organization through company interviews, thought leadership articles, targeted advertising and more. Once your assessment is complete, we will be able to determine which branding opportunities your organization will need.

Q. What are my payment options?

A. Advertising fees are due when the contract is signed. Branding fees can be spread across the duration of our search for your candidates. Placement fees for Permanent staff are due upon hiring of the candidate. Project staff is billed hourly with a monthly invoice.

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"Accountingfly makes hiring accountants and bookkeepers much easier. We recently made ten hires and were thrilled with the candidates, the process and the results. I would rank the candidates we received as a 9 out of 10!"

Scott Scharf

Partner at Catching Clouds LLC (CO)

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