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WEBINAR: How to Hire Remote Seasonal Tax Talent For This Busy Season

Could you use some help this tax season? Learn how to hire, onboard, and delegate work to remote, U.S.-based seasonal tax preparers and reviewers to make your life easier for the upcoming busy season.

Join accounting recruitment expert and AccountingFly CEO, Jeff Phillips, as we lighten your load with proven solutions you can use for the busy season.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify how to hire and train U.S.-based remote tax talent for the 2021 busy season
  • List the best practices for managing a seasonal remote workforce
  • Determine how to best prepare your team for remote work

Watch this webinar to learn how to find, grow, and start delegating to your remote tax preparers so you can tackle this year’s tax season.

Accountingfly is ready to help firms and companies hire permanent or temporary remote accountants. This webinar was sponsored by Gusto.

Testimonials from this Webinar:

  • “Entering into a tax season like no other, this webinar provides many excellent points in planning for increased remote work and how to seek out qualified remote workers. Mr. Phillips brought up several variables I would not have considered prior to conducting a hiring search in regards to remote workers. This is a must see for those bringing in seasonal staff for the upcoming tax season.”
  • “I already hire seasonal tax preparers and have done so for several years. Despite that, I learned new ideas to incorporate into my practice from this webinar. Very informative”
  • “This is one of the best webinars I have seen. Jeff’s passion for what he does really comes through. That makes it more engaging.”
  • “This webinar was beneficial for both employers and remote workers. I learned how to work better in general.”

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