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We are looking to hire a Foreign Tax Accountant to work in one of our DC-area offices, with at least 4 years of experience. If you are looking for a thriving and stable firm to grow your career in Bethesda, Vienna or Frederick, we invite you to learn about our dynamic firm.

About Ryan + Wetmore

Ryan & Wetmore is a full-service CPA firm serving the Washington DC region.  We offer the opportunity to work on client engagements across a wide range of industries and service areas. The result is a dynamic environment that continuously presents the opportunity to strengthen your existing skills in areas that interest you.  If you are a Foreign Tax Accountant, this is a challenging opportunity where you can grow your career.

Requirements for Foreign Tax Accountant:

  • Familiarity with FBARS
  • Voluntary disclosure programs
  • Comfortable researching foreign tax laws
  • Controlled foreign corporations and foreign entities
  • Foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits

Why do top CPAs join our firm?


  • Our team has been able to expand due to the stability our firm, the clients we serve, and openness of our internal structure. If you want a place where you can grow personally and professionally, share your resume so we can learn more about you.

Interesting and challenging work

  • Based in the DC area, we are surrounded by exciting and thriving industries. The complicated work our team focuses on has produced highly capable accounting professionals. Our staff stay motivated to build their knowledge and become valuable advisors to their clients.

Your potential for growth

  • Our partners truly believe that individual growth is the basis of our success as a whole. Ample growth opportunities are available for accountants who want to reach the next level of their career.


  • Each individual brings something special to the firm, through their work and personality. Upper management encourages everyone to pursue what excites them. This may mean shifting focus to an industry that interests you, or reasonably structuring your schedule so you have time to do what keeps you motivated outside of the office.

Work Life Balance is a core priority at our firm and we are built to avoid burn out.

  • We offer a summer Fridays program
  • You will be able to earn additional incentive time off
  • Busy season hours are reasonably varied based on workload demand. Though tax season is a hectic time for all accountants, we strive to keep our team energized with programs and a well structured schedule.
  • Flextime and telecommuting options are available to help alleviate the stress of balancing work responsibilities with your personal commitments.

From Our Team

“I was drawn to Ryan & Wetmore because of the flexibility they offered…A few months after starting I was able to switch offices to a location that made my commute easier. Then, during tax season I needed to take time off for a family matter. The partners allowed me to work remotely during that time and trusted that I would get my work done in a timely manner. Despite being new to the firm as all of this happened, everyone was more than accommodating and understanding.” -Staff Accountant

“One thing that surprised me about the firm since I started here is all the different areas we able to be involved in. You can truly have an influence on the firm outside of the billable work that we do. I have gotten to be involved in several pieces from our technology set ups, marketing, recruiting, and staff training. Self-starters really do thrive here. The opportunities to be involved and advanced are here for those who want it.”–Manager

“Our firm offers a lot of opportunity for those who want it. The partners genuinely care for the staff and will help map out a career plan for you. Having worked at other firms, I can tell that the partners truly take in what we have to say and want to share opportunities with us. When jobs are assigned, they find the work that best fits each person’s skills and interest.” – Staff Accountant

Let’s connect!

  • We offer a thriving environment where you can develop as a professional. If you are looking for a firm that offers exciting projects, personal growth, and flexibility, apply today!

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