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Position Description

We are seeking a Remote Accountant. This position will act as a Lead Accountant (outsourced), internal Accounting Manager for multiple clients, primarily in the Agriculture sector, with gross revenues ranging from $1M-$50M. What does the “agriculture sector” mean?  Surprisingly, that doesn’t just mean farmers (though we work with many of them).  We work with companies along the entire agribusiness value chain, from producers (farmers), transportation/logistics companies, suppliers, wineries, manufacturers, distributors, and everyone in between. The Lead Accountant will review and oversee the work of one or more Staff Accountants and/or Bookkeepers, and is ultimately responsible for the timely and accurate delivery of work to the Managing Partner and clients.


We seek to hire team members who exemplify the behaviors and attitudes that we value, while also contributing significant experience and skills to our work – and we will not compromise our integrity by hiring team members with outstanding experience and skills who do not fit our culture. We seek to hire team members that are dedicated to the idea of empowering clients to make better decisions and actively demonstrate that commitment naturally in their behavior – and we will not compromise our value proposition by hiring team members who don’t actively seek to improve the systems they work in.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following requirements:

Attitude & Behavior

  • Excited by change; Actively and independently seeks improvement in personal and professional outcomes
  • Healthy ego or sense of self; Stands up for convictions but adjusts beliefs willingly when faced with new information and evidence
  • Driven to succeed; Believes success is a function of hard work and demonstrates a willingness and ability to work hard
  • Enjoys learning and developing new skills; Displays a passion for learning and personal development while logically limiting focused learning activities to those that directly impact desired outcomes – is capable of learning quickly and adapting to changing circumstances
  • Energetic; Brings excitement and energy to personal engagement in work, takes initiative and finds new things to do or new ways of doing that improve team outcomes
  • Exudes integrity; Does the right thing, treats people fairly when given power, stands up for others who are wronged, understands that people are people and not objects
  • Willing to take smart risks; Seizes opportunity, looks for ways to limit and avoid risk, quickly bounces back from losses
  • Optimistic; sees the best in others and in situations


The Lead Accountant will work alongside other team members (including junior and senior staff and Managing Partner) to deliver value to clients.  Sounds cliché, but it’s true.  We deliver outstanding value to our clients, and the Lead Accountant plays an integral role.  You will work alongside other team members to manage responsibilities typical of a Lead accountant.  The Lead Accountant is responsible for the expert delivery of every manner of bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities, such as: A/R, A/P, payroll and payroll compliance, formal month-end close, financial analytics and reporting, special projects, federal/state/local tax compliance, accounting systems design and process improvement, etc. for a portfolio of clients.  We’re a small but growing firm; we’re nimble, and that means we all pitch in to get things done.


  • 5+ years performing accounting work, such as:
    • Preparing payroll and payroll reports
    • Preparing invoices and maintaining customer records
    • Paying bills and maintaining vendor records
    • Reconciling all balance sheet accounts; Reviewing general ledger for errors and discrepancies
    • Leading monthly, quarterly, and annual closing and financial/management reporting processes, including calculating and posting monthly close entries in both cash and accrual systems
    • Maintaining and reconciling complex manufacturing and inventory accounting records (LIFO, FIFO, AVG COST)
    • Managing depreciation schedules in multiple basis
    • Managing cash flow
    • Performing financial or managerial accounting analyses for management
    • Performing collections responsibilities
    • Producing financial and tax analyses
    • Preparing annual 1099s
    • Assisting in tax preparation and data-input
      • Including state and federal income tax, sales and use tax, and excise tax
    • Implementing and overseeing internal controls
    • Assisting with the onboarding of new client relationships
    • Documenting and improving business processes and procedures through automation
  • In addition to the experience listed above, you should have 3+ years of experience in supervising the work of other bookkeepers and/or accountants doing that work.
  • Other important skillsets/traits include:
    • Flexibility. In a small firm like ours, priorities can quickly change; the ideal candidate will be comfortable with ambiguity, and can easily navigate between competing tasks
    • Excellent time management, organization, attention to detail, and creativity
    • Working with and reporting to a CFO, CEO and other executive stakeholders
    • Financial analytics
    • Budgeting and forecasting

Experience in a public accounting firm, professional bookkeeping firm, or another fast-paced setting that required keeping the books and records of multiple clients organized is strongly preferred. Preference will be given to a candidate with demonstrable experience related to performing accounting tasks for multiple clients with different accounting systems, successfully designing and implementing accounting systems changes that improve data validity and usefulness, and creating analyses that aided and improved financial decision-making outcomes. Additional preference will be given to a candidate with knowledge of and experience in the agri-business and farming sectors.

Education and Professional Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
  • CPA, CMA, or CGMA preferred
  • QuickBooks and/or QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor preferred


Our world is driven by people, and people who use technology drive faster.

We work remotely, using more than 15 best-in-class software platforms to serve our clients. Technological aptitude is required for this position.  Ideally, the candidate selected for this role will have experience using (and implementing) tools such as:

  • QuickBooks (both Desktop and QuickBooks Online)
  • Xero
  • Tsheets
  • Receipt Bank
  • Hubdoc
  • Expensify
  • Gusto payroll platform (and other third-party payroll providers)
  • Fathom
  • Qvinci
  • MS Office Suite (with outstanding Excel skills)
  • Karbon, Asana, etc.
  • Dropbox


The compensation package for this position is as follows:

Financial Compensation
Base Salary: $70,000

Financial Benefits

401(k): Employer-sponsored 401(k) profit-sharing plan, optional employee contributions
Personal Development Budget: Employer-paid personal and professional development plans
Licensure & Dues: Employer-paid professional licensure costs, including annual society dues and continuing education expenses

Health Benefits 

Health Insurance: Employer-subsidized health insurance for employee, optional family insurance paid by employee

HSA: Employer-paid HSA account for employee, optional employee contributions

Life Benefits

Remote work: Work from home or wherever suits you best
Flexible work hours: Work schedules that support a healthy home life
Flexible PTO: Our policy is “Act like an adult and support the team”

Who We Are

We believe the dreamers, the makers, the builders, the creators – the people who set out to remake the world in their own image because they can – the people who see opportunity everywhere they look –  the people who have the force of will to get the job done – they drive the success of our tribes, our communities, our nation, and our world. We believe they are the key to our future.

We want to find them. We want to help them.

We empower emerging business leaders to make better decisions, faster. We do this to accelerate the pace of positive change in the world around us. Because the world they imagine, the world they see, the world only they can build…that’s the world we want to live in.

We equip them with tools to create more value, sooner… and we guide them to build legacies that last.

What We Do

We provide full-service outsourced accounting, compliance, and consulting services to a select group of agribusinesses in the Pacific Northwest. We are growing rapidly and will seek to expand our market presence by entering new industries and new markets in the future.

We are not just an accounting firm. To be honest, we often feel more like a consulting firm that does accounting, rather than the other way around.  We work with businesses at the intersection of financial clarity, operational excellence, and leadership development. Ultimately, we sell the ability to make better decisions as we guide small- to medium-sized businesses to operate like true mid-cap enterprises.

Why You Should Work with Us

We want to build the perfect team.

The perfect team is made up of people who are excited to connect with each other every day – people that have ideas and the ability to think, people who have healthy egos and want to be challenged, people who want to build and create something larger than themselves, and people who are excited to work hard to achieve audacious goals.

The perfect team of people develops a meritocracy of ideas naturally because they respect the power of thought, they are willing to have their ideas challenged, they naturally give meaningful contemplation to the ideas of others, and they expect the best ideas to win out as a natural outcome of group behavior.

The perfect team is made up of people; people who recognize that everyone on the team is a person, and is therefore imperfect. Team members give each other grace and support, but also expect performance. Every individual on the team is naturally inclined toward self-improvement and development – and recognizes the critical assessment of their peers is a natural reward of working with talented and thoughtful people that will drive their future success, not threaten it.

The perfect team is made up of people who are open and honest, both with themselves and with others; people who strive to know the truth and share it. They stand up and speak when they feel wronged, they call out the behavior of others that don’t hold up to the team’s ideals, and they acknowledge when they are wronging a team member and reflect when others call out their own behavior.

The perfect team is made up of people who support, challenge and inspire their team members to become more than they are, to achieve their goals, and to fulfill their human potential. Each team member has the potential to outgrow the team and the organization. As each team member strives to achieve more, the entire group engages in a web of interconnected growth and development which gives the team and the organization the best chance of keeping up with each of its members.

We believe a team like this doesn’t need a handbook that preaches integrity, or honesty, or openness – those things come naturally. We believe the culture of a team like this becomes self-evident, and the team will develop and govern its own rules of behavior. The team doesn’t need to be told what to do or how to behave by the organization, because the organization is the team – and the team leaders are just team members.

We believe a team like this can change the world… and that’s what we are here to do.

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