Welcome Job Seekers!

Welcome to the new Accountingfly!

In our continuous effort to improve your job searching experience, we have rebuilt Accountingfly to be more stable and better performing. The rebuilt Accountingfly includes several important new features to improve your experience.

These new features allow you to:

  • Add a unique resume to each job
  • Add a custom cover letter to every application
  • Apply easily without the need to create an account
  • Receive a copy of your application via email
  • Search jobs by Keyword
  • Search jobs by employer name
  • Search for remote jobs

What will happen to my current account on Accountingfly?
Our new platform will not require an account to apply to jobs, so we are not merging your current account to our new platform. Beginning April 10th you will no longer have an Accountingfly account. Confirmations of all future job applications will be emailed to you directly rather than collected in your Accountingfly account.

What about my current applications and messages?
Your current applications, and any applications before April 10th, will remain active and in our Employers’ accounts. They are not going anywhere, and employers will still be able to consider your application.

The same applies to messages. Current messages will remain in Employers’ accounts. All messaging beginning April 10th will be handled via the email address with which you apply.

In addition to the above changes, Accountingfly is re-focusing our job board on next-generation accounting jobs. We will be focused intensely on providing jobs from cloud accounting and technology-forward traditional firms.

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